Well obviously he’ll live with us

My in-laws have a supernatural gift for gathering people and throwing a party.  The pinnacle of this gifting is displayed weekly on Saturdays at home games for Texas A&M.  Leigh Ann, my mother-in-law, cooks all week and organizes her friends who are contributing that week as well.  Hayden, my brother-in-law, often has to camp outside on Thursday nights to reserve the perfect location.  Then, in the wee hours of the night, Rob and Leigh Ann load the pick up truck and drive the 1.5 hours to College Station.  Along with a few other volunteers, the Smiths set up their tailgate complete with food, beverages, grills, chairs, and two televisions to watch the game.  They’ve been known to serve over 200 people on a given Saturday and were runners-up for the HEB tailgate of the year (a title they were robbed of in my opinion).  They host because they love people.  They love to know them, they love to care for them, and maybe best of all, they love to feed them.  Any friend of a friend is welcome at their tailgate, or their home, at any time. This tailgate may be the only reason my Longhorn heart begins to soften towards the Aggies.

JR and I made it down to one tailgate this past season and the day was wonderfully exhausting.  After a day full of conversations, sweat, and football, we began the painful process of cleaning up.  During this time, JR took a phone call from one of his Young Life students.  Watching his face, I could tell that something was wrong on the other end of the line.  When they hung up, JR explained that one of his boys needed to leave his home and was trying to figure out where to live.  He had found a safe place for the night but he was going to need some help in the long-term.

At that point in the day, I was exhausted.  I’d been on my feet, I was hungry again, and we were working hard to clean up.  But I’d seen generosity all day long.  I’d seen the way my family welcomed others and provided for them out of love.  I thought of the generosity I had experienced from Telicia and the way my life was forever changed because of that gift.  Therefore, without hesitation and without being asked, I said “Well obviously he’ll live with us.”  JR smiled because yet again, he was thinking the exact same thing.

Couldn't say no to this face

Couldn’t say no to this face

4 months into marriage, 4 weeks into the Boyers living with us, Donte moved in.  We were out of bedrooms, but our 9 foot sofa fit 6-foot 8-in Donte just right.  We didn’t make a life-long commitment to Donte (we’re not fit to be parents yet) but we made a commitment to stand in the gap until we could find the perfect home and forever family for him.

Jesus stands in the gap for me.  He meets the needs that I can’t meet myself.  He provides for me.  He loves me.  He makes a way for me to be in God’s family forever.  God gave us an opportunity to show a young man these truths by living them out in front of him.  Well obviously he’ll live with us.


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  1. Of course he will live with you! And God will provide all that this precious young man needs, and He will guide you through whatever twists & turns come up. By the way, I think your grocery bill may increase……High school boys can EAT!

    • Kristen,
      Donte lived with us October 4 – December 23. The way God worked through his story is a big reason why I wanted to start this blog. We saw God’s hand move so clearly I knew others had to know the story. Stay tuned for how everything played out. And my rule of thumb when packing his lunch every day was what do I eat, multiply that by 2, add a little more (normally equaled 3 sandwiches and a full grocery bag of snacks).

  2. I loved this the first time you told me, and I loved it all over again this morning. I literally can’t wait to see you in Heaven one day, simply to check out that crown you’re gonna be rockin’! 🙂

    Oh, and I love your use of capitalization in this sentence: “This tailgate may be the only reason my longhorn heart begins to soften towards the Aggies.” Good work! Gig ’em!

    • Thank you. And thank you for being my editor this morning. You’ll notice the sentence is now corrected with appropriate capitalization 😉

      love you Renee.

  3. You and JR are amazing! You have such big hearts for people in your lives! Anyone who knows you is blessed to be your friend!! I’m thankful to be one of them!

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  8. gosh this is inspiring! my husband and I have been married for a year and have the desire to open our home to others and just quite haven’t figured out how to do it yet in a small 600 square foot that barely seems to fit us. This post inspired me though that maybe we don’t need as much room as we think we need.

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